The Queen Of Hearts She Made some Tarts all on a Summer's Day.
The Queen Of Hearts She Made some Tarts all on a Summer's Day.
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The Queen Of Hearts She Made some Tarts all on a Summer's Day.

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A one-twelfth scale miniature porcelain doll dressed in Tudor style costume standing approx five and a half inches tall.

The Queen of hearts wears a red silk over-gown, decorated with golden braid. Her under-sleeves, front skirt panel and bodice insert are made in crisp white cotton printed with tiny red hearts and from her waist hangs a chain of tiny sparkling crystals.
Underneath, the Queen wears white lace-trimmed pantaloons and matching petticoat.
Her painted red shoes are trimmed with frills of lace, black bows and red crystals. Around her neck is a ribbon choker with a tiny golden heart with red crystal centre and on her pretty blonde hair she wears a golden crown.
The Queen carries a plate with two heart-shaped jam tarts (where there should have been four......I wonder where they are!).

This doll has a porcelain head, torso, lower arms, and lower legs with a wired, soft and partially poseable soft body.

This doll is an ornament and should not be given to small children to play with.

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Questions and Answers

Question From Krystine66 [0]
Mon 08 Apr 2013 16:46:21 (EDT)
Hi... I love your doll designs... I saw your page by chance on Google Images. I have been looking for a fashion doll size Anne Boleyn Doll... Do you make bespoke dolls? Regards Krystine
Answer From angeliqueminis [+20]
Tue 09 Apr 2013 10:35:53 (EDT)
Hello Krystine, Thank you for your message. I only make bespoke miniature dolls. However, I do make costumes for fashion sized dolls such as Gene, Tyler etc. If you would like to discuss this further with me please either contact me through my main web site ... (where you can see more of my work) or e-mail me directly on ... Best wishes, Louise Goldsborough/Bird. Angelique Miniatures.
I understand the Q&A policies

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