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Thread: My Father Died This Afternoon

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    Default My Father Died This Afternoon

    My Father died this afternoon at around 4:15. It goes without saying that neither Pam nor I will be around for a while.

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    Default Re: My Father Died This Afternoon

    So sad to hear that Somer. I'll light a candle for you
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    Default Re: My Father Died This Afternoon

    So sorry to hear this news.
    My thoughts and blessings are with you and Pam.

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    Default Re: My Father Died This Afternoon

    I am so sorry to hear this, Nigel

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    Default Re: My Father Died This Afternoon

    Sorry to hear this news Nigel. My thoughts and condolences are with you and Pam.

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    Default Re: My Father Died This Afternoon

    So sorry to hear the news Nigel. At least he doesn't have to suffer any more. Big hugs for you and Pam. x

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    Default Re: My Father Died This Afternoon

    You have our sincere sympathy.

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    Default Re: My Father Died This Afternoon

    Such sad news....sending hugs to you both.

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    Default Re: My Father Died This Afternoon

    Very sad to hear that your dad has died Nigel.
    I know your sorrow - my beloved mum died last week.
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    Default Re: My Father Died This Afternoon

    So sad to read this to both Nigel & Pam - and to Trish.
    **Hugs** to you all.

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