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Ocoee, Florida, United States

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Hello Y'all!

      My name is Dennis R. Stockley, a.k.a. JaBek1, and I'm located in the central part of Florida in a town named Ocoee.  Which is, by the way, in the Orlando area and near many of the attractions that Central Florida is known for and some of the world's most beautiful beaches.

     No longer actively engaged in operating a live auction business, I occupy my time pursuing my first love, creative arts.  My interests include painting, drawing, photography, jewelry making and almost any other crafting activity that strikes my fancy.  And being a bit of an eccentric, as my wife likes to put it, I have a fondness for creating novelty gift items as well.  However, as you may expect, indulging my creative urges tends to result in the accumulation of quite a few things that, frankly, for which my wife would like me to find another home.

      I've also accumulated, over my time in the auction business, a somewhat sizable gathering of collectibles that my wife thinks I should reduce.  (Actually, "get rid of" is more the term she used.)  So naturally, I'll still be offering some of those along the way.

      Thanks, y'all, for stopping by and taking the time to visit and learn a bit about JaBek1.  Hope to see you again real soon.  Until then, Happy Shopping! 


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