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gclint1954 [+1] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Wed 20 Jan 2016 11:29:40 (EDT) 2 Cooper P195-65-R15 Used Winter Tires (140777258)

Easy To Deal With Will Buy From Him Again

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zazzman [+6] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Sun 26 Jul 2015 04:17:46 (EDT) 4 Bridgestone P265-70-R16 Used Tires (135529718)

Frequent buyer miles on another accepted offer on a set of tires!!

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zazzman [+6] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Mon 22 Jun 2015 21:50:11 (EDT) 4 Goodyear Eagle RSA P205-55-R16 Used Tires (136895056)

another set of tires thanks

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zazzman [+6] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Mon 22 Jun 2015 21:50:11 (EDT) 2 BF Goodrich P265-70-R16 Used Tires (136894191)

here i am again keep coming back

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mattcim [+1] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Sat 13 Sep 2014 14:44:35 (EDT) 2 Falken Ziex P205-50-R17 Used Tires (130445715)

great tires. Thank you!

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Darrennick [0] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Tue 18 Feb 2014 22:40:22 (EDT) 2 Bridgestone LT265-70-R17 Used Tires (113710692)

Good transaction

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zazzman [+6] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Sun 19 May 2013 04:19:23 (EDT) 4 Pirelli P205-55-R16 Used Tires (66447043)

thanks 4 another set of tires

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zazzman [+6] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Sat 13 Apr 2013 16:49:06 (EDT) 4 Continental Touring Contact P205-55-R16 Used Tires (97679358)

will keep coming back

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zazzman [+6] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Sat 13 Apr 2013 16:48:02 (EDT) 4 Cooper P205-60-R16 Used Tires (66556561)

nice set great price good tread thanks

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danbornico [0] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Wed 27 Feb 2013 17:39:52 (EDT) 2 Continental P225-60-R17 Used Tires (76393019)

Very happy w/ purchase

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victor2000 [0] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Tue 08 Jan 2013 10:14:29 (EDT) 4 Michelin P265-65-R17 Used Tires (70609610)

Tires were better than expected.

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zazzman [+6] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Wed 28 Nov 2012 20:36:22 (EDT) 4 Semperit P205-55-R16 Used Winter Tires (81467221)

Great alternative to high priced new tires--will be back soon--thanks!

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josten1972 [-1] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Wed 17 Oct 2012 07:07:54 (EDT) 4 Goodyear P235-70-R16 Used Tires (59482566)

One tire had a slow leak in the side wall. He claimed that his guarantee is void once tires are installed. He guarantees the tires will hold air but if you install them and find they don't. too bad...

Reply Already Made Guarantee does not cover tires after DRIVEN on, not installed. Learn how to read
hungryneck [+1] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Sat 21 Jul 2012 15:16:18 (EDT) 4 Pirelli P205-70-R15 Used Tires (66446515)

fast delivery, good tires as stated, will trade again.

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zazzman [+6] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Tue 10 Jul 2012 14:48:03 (EDT) 4 Bridgestone P245-50-R18 Used Tires (66557365)

Another nice set of tires(my 4th) for great price from chas-will keep coming back-thank you AAAA+++++++++

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cooper7 [0] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Sun 20 Mar 2011 18:04:19 (EDT) 4 Michelin Cross Terrain P235-65-R18 Used Tires (14072541)


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prisco56 [0] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Sat 18 Dec 2010 10:11:27 (EDT) 4 Michelin Cross Terrain P245-65-R17 Used Tires (28219367)

tires were as adsvertised

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bobh00 [0] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Mon 06 Sep 2010 20:20:00 (EDT) 4 Goodyear Wrangler ST P225-75-R16 Used Tires (14201326)

tires were not as advertised and they would not compensate, never sent an invoice when asked

Reply Already Made No evidence of claim, refused to return for refund
ryansmith7242 [0] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Sat 14 Nov 2009 18:26:43 (EDT) 2 Continental P245-60-R18 Used Tires (14164106)

The tiresmeasured 6/32" and sold as 9/32" plus one of the tires was damaged

Reply Already Made Used NAPA gauge, inaccurate. Bad tire was replaced
wackyjacksgarage [+1] chfisher2004 (SELLER) Wed 25 Mar 2009 22:39:16 (EDT) 4 Michelin MXV4 Energy Plus P195-60-R15 Used Tires (14112351)

Fast. Bought Monday got Wednesday exactly as described. Thanks Chuck

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