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Hershey Kisses Dessert Fondue Set 2006
Fiskars 5-inch Ergonomic Chef Knife BRAND NEW

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States

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Hi - Welcome to Ebid & thanks for stopping by!

A little about me: I was born & raised in Ukraine.  Now here I am selling on eBid. 

I feel passionately about calendars and vintage.  Calendars are like a trip to the future if only for one year.  You look at it and wonder, what would I be doing at this time of the year?  Any plans for Saturday, March 5, 2015?  From the perspective of December 2014. Feels quite intriguing, especially if a calendar is illustrated in a certain way.  On the other hand, vintage allows you to take a trip to the past.  More often than not, vintage items are reminiscent of a certain era back in the day. 

I sell both vintage and calendars.  The calendars are sold new while the vintage items are used.  I describe both thoroughly.  I usually ship in the same or next business day by USPS, pack well, fragile items carry insurance.  

Enjoy your visit to Ebid, and come back for more!