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Hi and welcome to my eBid pages. I mostly sell items from my own collection or items other family members no longer require. I try to stick to mostly "media" items such as DVD's; CD's; vinyl records; books and comics as these are the type of things I'm always clearing out to make room for other collection treasures. Occasionally though you'll find something different among the items I'm selling, possibly something I've been given by a friend or something I've been gIven in trade.

My personal collecting interests are pretty varied. I'm a staunch Elvis Presley fan having collected his recordings and related memorabilia for more than forty years. Rock'n'roll recordings from the fifties and sixties have a large place in my record collection too although recently I've been trimming these down and storing the songs on my iPod.

I'm a bit of a movie buff, enjoying a good action or adventure movie, especially if there's some special effects thrown in. I loved The Lord Of The Rings movies, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the Bond movies to name but a few. Can't resist the odd horror movie along the way either.

I'm a fan of those old black and white cliffhanger serials of the 30's and 40's having a shelf full of over 100 titles including the obvious titles such as Flash Gordon, Zorro, Buck Rogers and many more. If you are also a serial collector feel free to get in touch.

Comic books have been a big attraction for me too, especially the old Superman and Batman DC comics from the USA and I now have thousands of them scanned and stored on DVD.

Always interested in trading if you have anything to offer in exchange.

Hope you enjoy looking through my auction listings and if I can offer more information on any of the items listed feel free to get in touch.

Payment can be made using PayPal or through the post using cheques/postal orders. Cash in pounds or euros at your risk. No cheques or money orders from outside the UK please as bank charges make this impossible to accept. Paypal/euros only if buying from abroad.

I always try to post all orders out within 24 hours although, having three lively young grandkids to babysit frequently, there will be the odd time when this may not be possible. However, at the very latest I send all purchases out within 48 hours of receiving payment, weekends and bank holidays excepted. All my listed items are offered on a fourteen day return basis. If you're not happy with your product just send it back in it's original condition within fourteen days for a full refund.

Please let me know when your purchase has arrived in order that I can then leave feedback for you. After which you have the option of leaving, or not leaving, feedback for myself. Feedback can be just as important for a buyer as a seller, as it helps to build trust within the eBid community, but it's each individuals choice whether to use the system or not. It's just reassuring to know that the postal system can safely deliver your purchase.

If you're buying more than one of my items please ask about a discount on the postage and, if possible, I'll try to oblige.

Take care