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Drumming with THE BIG C'MON.

Location Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Listings Running 493

Account Status SELLER+

Buddy Points 20.988

Member Since 20 Sep 2009

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I'm a collector of records,cd's,dvd's,books & comics ( my wife looks on it more as 'hoarding'!?! ).There comes a time when living space has to be reclaimed...or else!Everything I'm selling is generally in excellent condition as I'm quite anal about 'looking' after things.I've sold on ebay for years & had a positive feedback score of over 5000.Sadly,ebay has taken great delight in forcing out small sellers such as myself & I won't be selling there again.You can check out the feedback,though,my id was 'riprecord'.

I'm looking forward to selling on ebid.There seems to be a lot of sellers & not many buyers at the moment.I'm sure that'll change as more people begin to see it as a viable alternative to ebay.I'm not a business & can therefore afford to wait for sales to come.....

Enough about me...I hope you enjoy browsing my items & if you're looking for anything in particular,please get in touch.You never know.....