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Swansea, Powys, United Kingdom

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Stu1967s GB Covers Store (888 Listings)

Stu1967stamps Mint GB and Foreign stamps (353 Listings)

Some Information About stu1967stamps

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We are a family run business dealing for over 18 years in British, European,  British Commonwealth and Foreign modern stamps so BUY with CONFIDENCE and check out our feedbacks. 
We started initially back in 1998  and then moved the business onto eBay in 2000. We lost interest with their constant fee structure changes and rule changes every 6 months or so as most sellers seemed to have done now over the years. We created our own fully automated and secure website (   in 2006 which is now into its 12th year with currently over 62,000 items in stock but now also now listing single stamps and sets  equally on eBid too. Check out the most recent GB issues as I get a lot of mail from local businesses sources.

In the first  serious year of selling on eBid we already had feedbacks of 12,000+! We will go over the 20,000 positive feedbacks shortly.

We look forward to dealing with you soon!

Our stores are easy to search. all countries ( except GB stamps) have a 3 letter pre-code at the start of their title followed by the year of issue. for instance if you were looking for an Australian stamp from 2008, you would simply tap in AUS , followed by the year 2008, press search and it would give you all the listings I currently have listed. Most country codes are as you would expect...GER (Germany), FRA (France) etc, but below are a list of less obvious.

XIS  (Christmas Islands) , NAN (Dutch Antilles),

AUS Australia, AFG Afghanistan, AIT Aitutaki, ALA Aland, ALB Albania, ALD Alderney, ALG Algeria ANG Angola, AND Anodorra, ANT Antigua NAN Dutch Antilles, ARG Argentina, AUT Austria, AZB Azerbaijan, PAZ Azores ANG Anguilla, AAT Australian Antarctic Territory

BRA Brazil, BSI British Solomon Islands, BAH Bahrain, BLS Belarus, BEL Belgium, BAR Barbados, BER Bermuda, BHU Bhutan, Bol Bolivia, BLZ Belize, BHD British Honduras, BVI British Virgin Islands, BUR Burundi, BOS Bosnia, BCP Bosnian Croat Post) , Bot Botswana, BRU BRunei, BUL Bulgaria, BHM Bahamas BSL Basutoland BEC Bechuanaland BTG British Guiana, BRM Burma

CAM Cambodia , CAN Canada, CHL Chile, HRV Croatia, CUB Cuba, CYP Cyprus, KTP Turk Cypriot, CZR Czech Republic, CKI Cocos Keeling Islands, CHN China, XIX Christmas Islands, CAM Cameroon, CVI Cape Verde Islands, CAY Cayman Islands, COL Columbia, CIS Cook Islands

Den Denmark, DUB Dubai, RDO Dominica  Republic,DOM Dominica

ECU Ecuador, EGY Egypt, ESV El Salvador, EST Estonia, DDR Former East Germany, ERI Eritrea, ETH Ethopia

FKL Falkland Islands, FIJ Fiji, FIS Falkland Islands Dependencies, FAR Faroe Islands, FIN Finland

..To be continued.