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Location Clinton, Indiana, United States

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Member Since 19 May 2015

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Just Jewelry For You (1111 Listings)

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Hello, First of all thank you for stopping in!

I Started by your normal garage sales and having a fantastic time selling and going on the hunt
for new and exciting items. Most of all I loved the meeting of new people, that lead me to flea markets 
which I loved even more. Then I relized what my passion was and ran headlong into it.
So I got a motor home and went and setup at flea markets. I was never more comfortable than at those times.
I did this off and on for about 30 years or so. I got out of it completely and at those times I always felt
like something was missing.

 I still had the passion, but not near as much.
So I started setting up and renting booths from different businesses to sell my inventory. There was a lot of 
running back and forth between buying new items, home and then back again. It wasn't fees getting me this time
it was gasoline lol. 
So here I am selling online and loving it the most. I see myself doing this for years to come as I am lost 
without it.
So please feel welcome while shopping with us, or just looking around.