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Angry Birds Star Wars PC CD-Rom CD
Socket 462 Cooler Fan and Heatsink

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Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom

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Hi, I've been buying and selling on eBid since its early days (I joined in 2003).  Do ask me a question about any of my auctions, I'm happy to help.  I'm not a trader, I don't buy to sell, all the items I'm selling are either my own or from friends/family/etc and I'm simply looking to find a home for things that still have plenty of life in them but are no longer of use to me.  So I'm looking for happy buyers and I try to describe my items as fully and fairly as I can -- if you find any nasty surprises (nobody has yet) get in touch and let me sort it out.

And don't be worried that I've not made any sales recently.  My email still works fine, and I still post in the forums sometimes.  My low sales nowadays are because I'm only listing old items that hopefully will be of interest to rather specialist buyers, for low low prices -- I'd rather see them go to a good home than have them end up in landfill.

I pack items carefully and defensively, and I aim to treat people as well as I'd hope to be treated as a buyer myself.