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Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Listings Running 4,659

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eBid Member Since 02 Jun 2009

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Some Information About cerealmunkee

Giving you an little more insight into the seller.

Thanks very much for taking a look at my listings and deciding to read this page, the information and advvice shown here is very important. I want to make certain that everything is perfect for you and here you'll see what i do and suggest to make sure that this is the case.....

Please note that if you're asking a question regarding an item then please be aware that i don't have direct access to many of my listings and as such i can usually answer specific questions after around 24 hours.

Please can you make sure that your shipping address is the one that is showing on your Paypal account, in other words that the address given to Ebid matches the address that is showing in the Paypal payment received email that i will receive.....your Paypal address should be the same as your Ebid address. Your Paypal address should be correct.

 Please ensure that ALL messages that you wish to send  to me are sent via EBID'S messaging system and NOT sent to my personal Email address.....these are not read.

Shipping costs are subject to change without notice.... i do my best to ensure that the costs shown are correct at the time of listing, they can increase with little reality i can always find an equivalent shipping method in the event of an issue. So no need to worry.

Do you have a preferred courier that you would like to deliver your package?....if so then please send me a message telling me which is your preferred choice.

I take care to ensure that whatever you receive will reach you in perfect condition by using sturdy packaging with well padded contents....this is to prevent items becoming damaged in shipping.

please make payment within 24 hours otherwise i'll assume that you have no intention of paying.....and your package will be delayed in being sent.

In the case of multiple orders contained within the same package that total over £20, i might decide that these need to sent via a signed/tracked service, or that each item may be sent separately from one another, this will be to ensure that packages are within the carriers size/weight limits or to omit the need for signed service to be used. Please send me a message to confirm this if accepting a signed for delivery is not possible for you. There may be some cases where it is necessary to require a signature in order to confirm that a delivery has been received safely, for instance if an address is situated within a block of flats or Student Halls of residence etc, generally a fully tracked courier service might be substituted for Royal Mail so as to provide you with tracking as oddly many people  have selected Royal Mail 2nd class standard delivery and then a day later demand full tracking info, which isn't offered on standard Royal Mail deliveries..... please enquire prior to making your purchase. Generally a tracked courier service will be used to make certain that delivery can be confirmed, also this allows a deliveries progress to be seen.

if after reading a listing you're not sure about anything then please ask me a question.....i really want to ensure that you purchase the perfect item for your needs and i work hard to ensure that you will not be disappointed, but, you must help me to do this by providing me with ALL  of your requirements....don't worry about asking any question....even if you feel that its a daft one. The time to ask questions is before your purchase is packaged and posted. not afterwards.

I no longer post packages immediately upon payment....instead i allow approximately 3 days before posting any item....this is to allow you time in which to change your mind as to whether you still want the purchased item.  All of the listings that i post are clearly described and come with clear images, please ask me any questions that you may have after viewing these, but as already mentioned i don't have immediate access to my listed items and i need around 24 hours to be able to answer any detailed questions.

If you are purchasing an item on behalf of someone else then please ensure that the item in question is the one that the recipient wants, so, please ensure that you have purchased the correct item...again, please send me a message with your questions.

All of my items are fully and carefully tested and inspected before being packaged and sent to you. I use the strongest crush resistant packaging with shock absorbing padding.

In summary, please ensure that the item that you are considering purchasing is the one that you want. You have the "ask seller a question" option to do this on the Ebid listing page.