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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

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PRINT3D is a hardworking guy (Chad), from Kelowna, BC. Canada. EH? I am a passionate entrepreneur that have struggled and dug deep to build my little business. I am a perfectionists who always demands a top notch products and designs for you my customers. I truly believe that a quality product trumps a super low prices. Don't get me wrong, I try to offer competitive prices, but don't "cut corners" and make an inferior products to make a few extra dollars. I would rather make the product more durable or a better design, than shave a few bucks off. I always try to make the best designs and only send the best PRINT3D quality products. If they don't meet my high standards I will remedy the problem and reprint until the product comes out right. Some of our competitors out there just pump out quantity with poor prints or lower end plastics, on low end (100 + micron) machines. My printer was handpicked because of the quality prints it can achieve (as low as 20 microns). I strive to please the customer, so if something isn't to your liking please contact us! We will respond in a timely fashion. Thanks for stopping by my little shop and I hope you will be a customer, and if you are, well thanks, hope you come again! Chad from PRINT3D