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6d purple on red (used)
6d purple on red (used)
02 days 22 hrs
Anguilla 1974 SG188 1c black and blue (lot25a)
Viet Nam 5d used (lot l)
Viet Nam 5d used (lot l)
02 days 17 hrs
QEII 1990 SG1506 Thomas Hardy used (lot32e)

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Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom

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Hi I have been on ebid for just over 5 years now, I gave up my shop on ebay as the cost was far to high and I still have a feed back of
(771) and I called it Henry's Grotto, I have now have 5 shops on ebid

What I am selling
I mostly sell Stamps, GB and World wide
DVD Films
Computer Games
Cigarette Cards

I have now retired, Oct 2011 and will be listing more items on ebid every day if possible,
Shipping costs on stamps, UK-£1  Europe-£1.80p World Wide-£3 you only need to pay one lot of postage if buying more stamps. 10% disscount on orders of 10 or more stamps.

Happy Bidding Kind Regards Henry