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In a hay field near home

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Preston, Idaho, United States

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Wed 02 Aug 2017 02:25:01 (EDT)

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Some details about me

Hi. I'm Trent Gudmundsen. I'm an artist and a "homesteader". My wife and I, and our 5 kids, live in southern Idaho on a little homestead farm that we're slowly fixing up with our own hands. All of the paintings I'll be offering here depict elements of our farm, our house (or what's in it), or the neighboring area (including the nearby pine-forested mountains).

I've shown and sold my oil paintings through art galleries for about 15 years, and I've very much enjoyed living a life that includes my "dream career". The (mostly) very small paintings I offer here on eBid are quick sketches that I've either done "en plein air" (outdoors, from life), or as studies to help me work out ideas for larger works. These paintings are often less detailed than the works that I normally send to galleries, but usually these have a spontaneity and honesty that gives them real value (both to me, as the artist, and also to those who collect my work). These offer pure glimpses into the inner workings of my artist mind (as funny as that sounds, it's true).  :)

Thanks for visiting. If you'd like to learn more about me and my family (and our farm and home-building projects), look up our daily videos on Youtube, here:

Thanks for looking, and for your interest and support.

-Trent (and family)
Preston, Idaho, USA

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