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Ireland 1984 SG 600 Used Stamp #2
Great Britain 1970 SG 836 Used Stamp
Hong Kong 1973 SG 323 Used Stamp
Barbados 1925 SG 231 Used Stamp
Great Britain 1994 SG 1810 Used Stamp #2
Great Britain 1994 SG 1796 Used Stamp

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Scarborough, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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I am a collector who often buys stamps in bulk and sells the ones I don't need for my collection. I have been selling mainly individual stamps on another site for about two years (not Ebay!) and have a 100% feedback there (on 1504 transactions).

The strength of my selling lists is in Great Britain, British Commonwealth, Spain and Ireland although I sell stamps from the whole world.  I set the auction starting price at one-fifth (20%) of catalogue value and give a Buy Now option. I do not make a profit on postage and packing. There is only one postage charge no matter how many stamps you buy. I normally post items the next day after payment by first class post or airmail.

My listings are almost entirely of individual stamps because I think that many collectors like to be able to buy just the stamps they need to fill gaps in their collections