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new durham ridge sept 15-16 2016


New Durham, New Hampshire, United States

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Hello, I am a married mom of four trying to earn some extra cash and have fun doing it. Most of my items are straight from my attic or cool yardsale finds. All of them need new homes A.S.A.P which is why I try to price as low as I possibly can.

Lately shipping prices have gotten pretty high and there is really not much I can do about that, I am only a one person operation, not a huge corporation, so I cannot afford to absorb any of the shipping costs myself. I can suggest that if you find something of mine you are interested in check out all the other items I am selling at the time and try to combine shipping. If you have a friend, relative or neighbor close by to you who may be interested in something you can always suggest buying and shipping together to save some cash that way too. 

I work outside the home but do try to check on my auctions daily and get items out within a day or two of recieving payment. 

I sold on ebay for quite a few years before all their new unfriendly rules came about, but I just couldn't bear to stay there any longer. I would rather stay here and wait a while for a sale than to give them all my profits. is a much friendlier place anyway :)

Thank you all and have a great day.


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