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ROCHDALE, Lancashire, United Kingdom

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important note if you are new ,or just looking on ebid:
e bid is a fairly wellestablished selling site but slower than the other out of hand selller , you can register with my promotional link below for free, this enables you to list without a displayed photo for free till sold then you are charged a fee, or if you want to become a member and sell lots of items you need to spend a one of in a life time fee of £49.95 , you can then list as many products as you wish free with photos , you can list them to automatically repeat , you only pay 2% using gallery listing on sales , so a lot lower charges than other sites, so you can sell more comptatively 
please use my promotional link to gain access:

I EXPECT THE SITE TO HAVE A RETAIL SHOP DIRECT TO OURSELVES BY OCTOBER 2014 (please note : rubber catalogue ,some extrusions have to be made, our minimum order quantity if out of stock is 25 metres ~ the catalogue with brush strips /seals , most are in stock, please ask , i will check stock if the part is not listed ,I've about 1600 parts in stock)

Alias : George Culley has worked sealing doors and windows since 1972. We decided to let the public buy our range direct as a lot of the draught excluders  are unique ,we believe everyone should have access to our draught proofing seals
There are a lot of draught excluders, Weather strip door seals, window seals and rubber extrusions never seen before.
You are able to take a poor window and turn it into a high performance window, with products that work, see our feedback on our seals

Using his expertise George Culley with various types of top quality components with aluminium and pvc extruded carriers and woven brush pile with and without " industrial aggressive grade of acrylic adhesive ", my adhesive !

A terrific fast expanding range of variable size draught excluders and seals with rubber extruded inserts, he has made a large range of successful draught excluders for draught proofing all different types of doors or windows for projects all over the world in the past.

I've developed THEHAIRYWORM range over the last 40 years , unlike a lot of other seal manufacturers I have not used inferior components.

I sell at a fair price. If you need help regardless if its one door or hundreds I will help with any sealing problem.
I will try and help you choose the right solution.