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Terra Bella, California, United States

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 Update:  Well, here I sit a victim of E-bay.  All of a sudden after years of working hard, selling getting positive feedback.  I get this letter that they deleted all my listings and I am restricted.  No warning.  I HATE E-BAY!  Maybe, it is for the best now I don't have to put up with their stupidity.  I know I am not alone, as there are many here that were excellent sellers from e-bay that have been burned by this stupid company.  Good Ridance I say.  I am tired of being treated like I am a bad little kid and must be punished for not doing anything.  I am a Home & Hospital High School Teacher. Had at least 3505 positive feedback on e-bay.  I am 65 years old and trying to add to my income, because I am supporting others in my family without work.  I have sold on e-bay for a number of years working hard at it and like many of you fed up with the high prices of listing and relisting items and not getting the return I should get.  I don't care for the bad feedback, when it isn't your fault and how seemly others even though they haven't sold as much and as long get little gold medals while you have been trugging along working hard get nothing.  I hate how the bad feedback of one person can slam your percentage way down, after you have spent months building it up and one individual even though it isn't your fault decides on a whim to give you bad feedback and it ruins everything you have worked for.  It has taken me so many months to build my percentage back up to 99.9% with over3505 positive feedbacks.  That is some of my pet peeves.  I live in the country on 20 acres in rural area.  I have two sons and "critters".  I am very easy to get along with and try to do my best to please my customers.  I have a lot of different things that I list, because I am first trying to make extra money and two I am having my own estate sale.  This could also be a way to supplement income, when you are older so I am working hard trying to build it up.  By the way I majored in Speech and minored in History and have an Elementary and High School Credentials in California.  So I am a blabber-mouth.  I went to Fresno University and Porterville College.  I like gardening, playing music, reading, cooking, helping troubled kids.  In what I do I have to reach their troubled hearts sometimes before you can reach their minds.  These are sick kids that need to finish their schooling while they are haing physical difficulties.  I have some real hair raising stories about different persons I have worked with, but that is another story.  Anyway, that is alittle about me.  I am here, because I am fed up with e-bay thinking way to much of itself and draining our pocketbooks dry!