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Welcome by - get a cup of coffee or a spot of tea - let's chat a little and I will tell you how I got started selling online.

Back in the 50's I worked at J. T. Luttman, a variety store in a small town in Northwest Arkansas, that carried very nice merchandise (including Lefton China). The store is no longer in business but that is where family and friends started my mother's service for eight plus several accessory pieces in the Lefton Violet Chintz pattern. Over the years they have brought much enjoyment to my mother and her family. I remember my mother being so elated one time when my little niece (about 6) asked grandma if they could use the "special dishes" with the pretty flowers on them. Of course grandma said yes as long as she didn't break them and that led to a lovely dinner and wonderful memories.

I mentioned the service for eight -- well that was minus 4 cups and saucers. We searched for about 15 years to find the cups and saucers and when my mother went to meet her dear Savior, a few years ago, we still hadn't found them. I was fortunate enough to be the one she left the china set to so I continued searching. My sister-in-law had the brilliant idea of searching ebay (which I had never seen) and we began finding pieces to add, but no cups and saucers. The searching continued and they began to show up but to get them I often had to get pieces I didn't need, so I decided to put them back on eBid.

With the urging of one of my brothers, I decided I could sell things on eBid and maybe make a nickel or two playing around. I bought a computer and started playing around and you see what happened. The Dear Lord had different ideas about my time selling online. He wants me to make it my online priority to bring a kind word, a little drop of love, add a smile to someone's day and bring a reminder of Him to the online sales world. He has always managed to help me have more things to put on when the listings run out, in fact, He has helped me gather some things ahead to have for later sales.

My husband (who has joined my mother in Heaven) was kind enough to take the packages to the post office for me --- needless to say, I miss him in many ways as he was also my best friend. Since I started playing with online selling I have retired and, with the Lord's Blessing, as I try to bring honor and glory to Him and joy to someone else, I hope to use my eBid sales to supplement my income.

I guess I have bent your ear long enough so I thank you for stopping by and would like to ask that you take a little time to say a prayer for others and thank God for blessings you have received. May God richly bless you and yours and remember you are welcome to stop by anytime.  Peggy

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