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Loma, Colorado, United States

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2460 I -70 Business Loop #A1
Grand Junction, CO 81501

What happens when an avionics engineer-HVACR guru and an artistic paralegal-County Planner entrepreneur join forces? Well one scenario might be Heiser Restorations. Meeting at a Business Incubator Center they plunged into business.  Since 2010 this pair has been restoring Soda Pop Coolers, Cash registers, Pinballs, Juke Boxes, Vintage furniture,Scooters and many other vintage items. 

 Established in 2010 in business this cute couple Lucas and Maggie Heiser just could not stop fixing and selling and they found they both had a passion in restoring the unique antiques including Jukeboxes, Pinballs and coin operated equipment.

So their story begins as they open up a cave destination for collectors nation wide to ship or bring in their treasures to repair restore or buy historical relics on site. 

Why do they do it? To preserve the past and educate the future generation of "Old American History" They also actively give to Families of SMA Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  Not to forget They are enhancing awareness of value of keeping history alive or reviving it!