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Tralee, Kerry, Ireland

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Thu 25 Aug 2011 07:37:09 (EDT)

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About Me
I am a huge movie enthusiast and have been collecting Movies and TV Shows since VHS times. I am currently selling a good potion of my DVD collection due to lack of space and the fact that I simply don't have the time to re-watch my entire collection anymore. The cash incentive is also a big plus if I'm being honest.

My collection has been my pride and joy for many years and I would prefer to see them all go to good homes. The vast majority of them are in excellent condition but I will be critical of their condition when I list each item (as if I was a buyer).

I am an honest seller and firmly believe in excellent customer service. I have been selling on the other auction site for a while and am now seeking other markets. I have the same username so please google it and check out my feedback if you are in doubt.
Current score 159 with 208+ successful sales transactions.

As a buyer, I have learned what is important when making online transactions and I use these experiences to make sure that each of my sales is carried out to the best of my ability. I take great pride in each completed sale where the customer is happy with the transaction and good feedback has been received.

Please give me a chance to earn a good reputation here on eBid. Thanks for looking!

Selling Policies

I am an amiable, friendly guy so please don't take offence from the way I have set out my sales policies. They are meant to be informative so as to avoid any disputes later on.

Item Descriptions

Please use included picture to judge the item’s condition before bidding/buying. You are buying a pre-owned DVD and not a new sealed factory DVD. I will try to be as accurate as possible in the description and I will include details of flaws/defects where and if I identify them (as if I were a buyer).

Hours of work

I am available Monday to Friday except Irish Bank Holidays but I do work unofficially outside these times. All emails will be answered within a few hours during these days.


To make life easy, I only accept PayPal payments. Please pay as soon as possible after receipt of invoice to guarantee fastest possible postage.

Shipping Times

Items will be dispatched within 2 business days of cleared payment from Ireland. Postal service here runs from Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays. All DVDs are carefully packaged in bubble envelopes with extra padding where needed. Domestic delivery is normally 1-3 business days. International delivery is normally 3-7 business days but may take up to 2 weeks depending on where you are.

Shipping charges

The packaging charge breakdown is normally: €0.50 for a single DVD movie sized bubble envelope. €1.00 for large bubble envelope (several DVDs or TV Box Sets) and €1.00 for all boxes plus actual postage stamp. I will combine shipping costs for multiple items purchased within a 2 day period if requested in advance by email. Shipping charges are based on package weight/size and cost of packaging. I do not charge a handling fee and I do not profit from the shipping charges.

Combined Shipping Discount

I am willing to give buyers a discount for buying multiple items but sometimes combining items may be more expensive because of the weight and size of the package. When this happens I may split the order to give the buyer the cheapest possible postage rate.

Return Policies

I offer a return policy for items damaged during shipping: Photographic evidence of the damaged item must be submitted before finalising return and refund. Contact must be made immediately after receipt of damaged item.

My Guarantee

I give you my word that I will not ship faulty, damaged or pirated DVD's and my descriptions will be as accurate as possible so that you will know exactly what I'm selling. If you have any doubts, please contact me through eBid's "Ask seller a question" link on any of my listings.

Frequently asked questions

What do you mean scuff mark on a DVD box?

A scuff mark is where a DVD jewel box rubs or bangs off another DVD or object causing the plastic film that houses the inlay card to show a visible sign of the event. Most DVDs get scuffed before even leaving the retail shop where they were bought but some get knocked about at home as well. Having scuff marks does not mean you are careless with the DVDs, it's really just wear and tear. I try to describe the condition as best I can keeping in mind that the jewel case is secondary to the disc condition in most peoples estimation.

What do you mean Disc - Like New, Almost Perfect, Light Usage or Light Scratches?

When describing discs I normally use terms such as:-

"Like New" meaning- has no damage/marks at all and looks like a DVD that is unused. Of course being pre-owned means that they are all used.

"Almost perfect" meaning - may have a small mark or marks upon close examination but looks close to "Like New".

"Light Usage marks" meaning - may have micro scratches or scuffs on the reading side of the disc but still plays ok.

"Light Scratches" meaning - visible scratching or scuffs to reading side surface but still plays ok.

I am generally overcritical when listing an item and this sometimes affects the bids I get for it. I don't mind too much as long as my feedback is good. If you have any doubt about my descriptions, please contact me and I will answer your questions and sent you additional photos if needed.

How do I prepare my DVDs for sale?

Each DVD is taken out of the jewel case and inspected for any defects. These details are then added to my item Description Panel. The inside of the case is cleaned with polish and the disc is then replaced. The outside of the jewel case is also cleaned using polish and any marks or defects are also recorded in the description panel. The DVD is then stored carefully in a plastic container with all my other listings.

When sold, the DVD is shipped in a padded bubble envelope with extra padding where needed or a box with similar protective packaging.


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