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Life Technology™

Location Enniskillen, Fermanagh, United Kingdom

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Life Technology™. Transformational Technology For Mind Body And Soul. Visit Life Technology™ on the web at http://www.lifetechnology.com

Life Technology™ are a leading pioneer in the fields of alternative / holistic / spiritual healthcare, vibrational medicine and subtle energy technology.

At Life Technology™ we look at the whole spectrum of wellness. Instead of using particular therapies in isolation, or a single health philosophy, we take a holistic approach, which means looking at everything that impacts the organism.

Life Technology™ offers 100% safe and natural products which provide subtle energetic support and enhancement on all levels of the mind body and soul.

Life Technology™ are an experienced and skilled team in all areas of alternative / holistic / spiritual healthcare. Our wellness practitioners are always on hand to offer free information and advice via email.

Email us directly at with any questions you may have about our products or services, or if you require advice on any aspect of alternative / holistic / spiritual healthcare.

Visit Life Technology™ on the web at http://www.lifetechnology.com