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My Dog Luke


Camarillo, California, United States

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I am a senior citizen who lost his job in June 2013 and have been unable to find another. I am trying to sell what I can on eBid to help supplement the small amount I get after having to sign up for Social Security several years before had intended to.

I strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Toward this end, I ship items ASAP which often means the same or next working day.

While mistakes happen for everyone, I list items as honestly and accurately as I can to minimize chances of problems after they are shipped. If you have a problem with anything purchased from me, please advise and allow me time to rectify the situation before you post feedback.

Normally, I use US Postal Service for shipping as it is usually the least expensive option. For those purchasing multiple items, I will pack them together as long as that minimizes shipping expense and can be done wihout risk of damage to any item. Once that's done, I then refund any postage received that exceeds the amount the USPS Notice 123 shows for a given weight, size, and service for the package(s).