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West Springfield, Massachusetts, United States

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Hello, welcome to my eBid. If you're a music collector (especially records) you've come to the right place. I have over 1,000 Lp albums and 45's, as well as 45 record Picture Sleeves, CD's, Cassettes and some 8-tracks. I also at times have VHS and Beta tapes, DVD's, and occasionally hand-made chainmaille jewellry, comic books and other odds and ends. I go to Tag Sales, Rummage Sales, Estate Sales, Flea Markets and the like looking for fun stuff that someone out there just might not be able to live without and then list it on eBid. Mostly what I bring back is records, although at times I've been known to list CD's, DVD's, die cast cars, G.I. Joes, comic books, Barbies, trading cards, action figures and anything else I think someone might think is cool. Like I said, mostly I list records. I like music. All kinds of music, so this is kind of a revolving record collection (excuse the pun). I get to listen to all sorts of records I've never heard before, but I don't have to fill my house up with them. I listen to every record and as long as they don't skip on either of my turntables, I list them. If they skip on my machines they don't get listed. I use the grading system for records found in Goldmine's record books. I won't list anything as mint. I just don't believe there's any such thing anymore. Even a record still in the original shrinkwrap has shelf wear and might even be warped, so if a record is still in the shrinkwrap the best I'll list it as is " appears to be at least near mint." I may even open a shrinkwraped record, if it looks suspicious to me, and examine and listen to it before grading and listing it. (I actually found one once that was obviously used! Scratched, dusty and worn!! With fingerprints!!! In the unopened shrinkwrap!!!!) Anyway, I'm having fun. Hope you do too!