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Old Navy pants size 10
Old Navy pants size 10
02 days 16 hrs
Basic Editions Brand new sweatshirt size s
Fiat Red :Tootsietoy: Art Deco:

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"Shabby Shack"  Hi there .I am the Only 2 year old Vietnam Veteran that remembers that war. My father woke me up at a early age of two, by training me in Okinawa Japan. I have had PTSD ever since. He gave me the oath which I accepted. My mother and I would have to pick him up from the Hospital/Base he worked on.I would see all kinds of blown off Limbs.The bandages were not very Good back then, so they would leak blood from the limb that was missing .I also saw deceased bodies as well. So I fully understood what was going on.. At 18 I all ready Knew I was born for war so I went, and Vonlunteered for the first Gulf war. I scored a little low on the test.But the recrutier said once you have your GED your score is high enough .He knew I was getting my ged, because that is the class room we met at.He was there to recrute.He said do you have any medical issues .I replied I have a small Heart Mermur .He said oh that will disqualify you then, thanks for your time.They took my glory that day..But I picked myself up and dusted off and began doing my own thing.Had two awesome Kids, who are now out of the nest and doing Awesome.Life has not allways been nice but I refuse to give up,and I thank God every day for the many blessings I do get.Thank you for stopping in and have a Awesome day...