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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

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I confess, I am an escapee from the darkside! You are too? 

Well, goodbye to unfair rules and feedback and hello to a fun place to sell, eBid!    If you are reading this I hope you have made that smart decision too. 

 I am Born: A baby boomer from the midwest USA, I worked in business and healthcare for more than 45 years before losing my job to downsizing.  Since I had been collecting vintage linens for many years, I decided to make a great leap of faith and sell linens full time.  Like many others, I chose eBay because that seemed to be the only game in town.  I eventually left feebay, started my own website and joined eBid. 

Lucky Me Lucky You:The midwest is awash with vintage linens, doilies, tablecloths, runners, bedspreads and more, and there seem to be few collectors here. So I hit the jackpot every week at auctions, often buying 5-10 cases of linens a week! I pass all these goodies on to you.  Past goodies include Victorian and Edwardian needlework, undies, embroidery and linens.  Also find lots of 1940s and 1950s crochet goodies too.  Occasionally I will get a deal on unusual items, cases of cookbooks, cases of collectors books, postcards and pass them along to you. 

Collector?  Guilty as charged.  I collect linens,absolutely anything with a scottie dog on it (planters espec), needlework items (knitting needles, knitting needle gauges), and a little of this and that. 

My views on shopping:   Shopping should be fun.  No room for stress, or uncertainty or buyers having to jump thru hoops to buy from a seller.  Buy from me and you just sit back, relax and the items get delivered (by priority or first class post).  No calling me back, telling me how you will pay, etc.  Who has time for that?

Benefits if you buy from me:

  • Free Insurance & confirmation if item value is over $20: for packages under $20, I just give you the refund if it gets lost (no need to waste money insuring smaller packages that the odds are, will not get lost anyway).
  • Returns accepted, just discuss with me and we can work out the problem. If I mess up I will pay return postage. If you don't like the item or change your mind, we can work out who pays the postage. 
  • Fair shipping rates; I only use first class and priority shipping, because they give the buyer fast and safe shipping.  I charge you only the cost, and never charge you for handling/packaging etc.  That is part of my doing business.
  • Free shipping on second items (US only, but worldwide I give you a discount too).  Further discounts if you buy even more items.  If we fill a flat rate box, that is all you pay, even if 20 items go into it!
  • Monthly sales: watch the banner for this month's sale
  • No time limit for buying multiple items:  You do not have to buy all the items at same time etc.  Just keep shopping and when you are finished, contact me and I will combine the invoice.  If you want a preview of what you will be charged as you are shopping, just contact me and we will talk about the shipping cost.


 Whew!  Is that everything?  Oh, the Scottish terriers?  I seem to collect those too!  Currently I have three, Kaylee, 10 years, Isabelle (her daughter), 5 years, and Jessie James (Jaime) (their nephew and cousin)  just over a year old (pictured).  Jaime took the place of my sweet boy, Robbie, who I lost last year at age 15.  A bonus, Jaime is Robbie's nephew. 

They have various adventures as they are typical terriers: We got skunked last year, awful smell, and the poor little skunk did not survive (could not be resuscitated).  A possum fared a bit better recently. He was tossed around like a football at a Green Bay Packers game, and did indeed appear to be, you know,,,.  I covered him with a bucket, went to get the shovel and wow, he was gone.  Last I saw he was running down the street thumbing his nose at us (he would have if he had thumbs).  Maybe I should have taken his pulse?  More adventures to come.

So get your cup of tea, a comfortable chair, sit back, relax and have fun shopping.