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Westminster, MA, United States

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Fri 18 Mar 2011 21:38:35 (EDT)

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Some details about me

I sell a large variety of items from antiques to industrial equipment.  Always something new and interesting.  Much of what I sell is on consignment from collectors, businesses, or other clients.

Industrial equipment, business equipment, and tools are in my Allpoints Industrial Supply store.

Antiques, toy trains, and other items are in the chinatrain store.

Also, somehow I started selling double-sided Velcro and sew-on Velcro and those items are in The Little Velcro Store.

Shipping is usually done within two business days, except for more challenging things or large items that need to be retrieved from the warehouse.

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Allpoints Industrial Supply (18 Listings)

chinatrains Eclectic Lot (23 Listings)