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Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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Welcome to booksforsale
Books and Vintage

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Thanks for calling by our "All About" page.

We are having a re-vamp at the moment, in order that we can introduce our vintage items and sort through our book stock, but please do read on.

We started out on in 2003, our passion back then being books, hence the name.

In recent years we have begun to collect vintage homewares, some of which we will be selling here on Over the next year or so, we will be clearing our books to make way for our vintage, retro, kitsch and shabby chic items.

We run two-and-a-half ebid stores at present. Yes, two-and-a-half.

Our vintage etc, items will be listed in our store simply known as Vintage -

Our bookstore "booksforsale" speaks for itself

You will notice we also have a store called "The Stockroom" This is where we will be keeping our stock that we need to sort through and may be transferring to booksforsale. The store will be offline while we do the transfers, but if you are interested in anything there, give us a shout, and if the items you want are still available we will list them on "booksforsale" for you.

We try to keep things straightforward. It is as easy as you paying by Paypal and us packing your item and posting it. As long as the postie does their job, you should have your purchase within a day or two.

Please note: due to rising Royal Mail prices, mainly couriers are now used. Regretablly couriers do not offer a "Universal" postal service and we are unable to offer a postal price within the listing for Highlands, UK Islands and The Channel Isles. A reasonable person will know this is beyond our control. We'll be very glad to offer an alternative arrangement and alternative posting price.

If you want to buy something, but are not yet an "buddy" you can join here

Please be patient while we revamp "booksforsale" to reflect our more vintage feel.

Any questions please ask via one of our listings - Look for the "Ask A Question" button.