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York, Ontario, Canada

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Welcome to my page! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Ashley and I've been selling online since 2010 on eBay (under username estacioa, now amecollectibles). I've only ever listed for free using monthly free listings and bonus free listing offers. As time went on, that became more and more difficult through eBay and it's come to a point where it's been months and I haven't been able to sell anything solely by listing with free offers (because needless to say, they don't really exist anymore).

I don't own a business. I don't have employees. I don't have the extra cash to waste on listing fees, listing upgrades or ridiculous FVF. That's why I'm VERY excited to move over to be with you all here at eBid.

Let's be clear about what you'll get from me as a seller. I'm a collector (so is my father!). Always have been, likely always will be. Been around it all my life. I've been attending conventions since 2012 (largely Fan Expo Canada (Toronto), Toronto Comic Con, Toronto Sport Card Expo). At these conventions as well as online is where I get my collectibles. I have magazine subscriptions, monthly comic con box subscriptions and more. But, now I just have too much stuff that I need to get rid of! But bottom line, I know what a collector looks for and I make sure that the items I sell are described as they should be - HONESTLY. What you see is what you get here.

My policy has always been NO RETURNS due to the fact that I disclose anything and everything to do with my items. All my items are authentic and original (unless clearly stated that they're replicas). You won't be surprised with what you get. I am, however, understanding and I know that sometimes things happen. I can assure you that I will always listen to your concerns and/or issues with a product (but you probably won't have any!).

I ship with Canada Post, however I also have the ability to ship with Purolator, FedEx or UPS. I can do what works best for you and what you'd be willing to pay for. All my shipping and handling fees are the exact price I pay the shipper with a SMALL handling fee (usually between $1.00-$3.00) to cover supplies and the time it takes me to package everything. I have ACTUAL shipping supplies (boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, properly sized envelopes and cardboard). Your items will ALWAYS be protected RIGHT.

I have a full time job and I do online selling because I LOVE IT. I love the listing and the packaging and the sending off of an item I've loved to someone else who is going to love it more. I know what it feels like to FINALLY find that item you've been wanting or searching for and I LOVE it.

Here's hoping you're interested in what I have to offer as a seller and come back for more because my inventory is growing everyday (gotta empty that garage of stuff somehow!)!