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Motor Mount 24mm To BT-55
Motor Mount 24mm To BT-55
Run Until Sold
Rip Stop Nylon Parachute 12" White
Motor Mount Twin 18mm To BT-80

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Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack (176 Listings)

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Semroc, Edmonds, Dynastar, Dr Zooch, Flis, WestWayne Rockets, Starlight Rocketry, Cosmodrome Rocketry ,Saturn Press, Sunward, Estes & More.

Parts for all your scratch building needs. Motor mounts ,body tubes, nose cones, parachutes, tube couplers, nomex & Kevlar recovery items. And Epoxy & CA Adhesives.Most items are normally shipped via the USPS. Books are the exception to standard shipping, orders with books are sent via USPS Media/Parcel Post to keep shipping costs down.

We offer discounted shipping.

Pay the highest cost shipping value and each additional item is only $1

Example purchase 3 items who's shipping is $6.00, $6.50 & $4.00 you would pay only $8.50.

We reserve the right to use a different shipping carrier if needed to insure proper delivery.

Shipping To Canada:

We will ship to Canada but please inquire about your items and shipping before you purchase. We will happily send you a quote and if you agree to terms then an invoice. In most cases we can ship items to Canada via USPS starting at $26.00 USD for the first 1lb with a box length under 36". Anything heavier or longer will incur additional charges. Please note all funds must be in US dollars.

Shipping Overseas:

We will ship to overseas but please inquire about your items and shipping before you purchase. We will happily send you a quote and if you agree to terms an invoice. We ship all overseas items via USPS. Rates start at $30.00 USD for the first 1lb. Please note all funds must be in US dollars.

Shipping APO/FPO:

We will ship to almost any APO/FPO. Usually at priority mail rates, keep in mind due to distance/overseas travel time and your location it can take up to 3 weeks to receive your package. If your package total weight is less than 13oz. it can sometimes go via First Class Mail, which in some cases is cheaper but a little slower.


To qualify for return all products require a Return Authorization (RA) Number prior to being returned, must be 100% complete, in the same condition as when sold, and in the original packaging as provided by the manufacturer.

All returns will be inspected and products found to be non-conforming will be rejected. Consumables (adhesives,glue, tape,etc) are NOT returnable for any reason once their packaging or outer wrapping has been opened.

Custom cut material kevlar/tubular nylon,cord,etc are not returnable. For your protection, we recommend that you insure your return and use a traceable carrier that can provide you with delivery confirmation.

Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack shall not be responsible for items returned that are lost or damaged in transit. Certain restrictions and exceptions apply.Shipping charges to return the product are your responsibility. Please use some type of delivery confirmation.

Goods are not shipped until payment is received/cleared.

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Currently we accept:

Pay Pal, Google checkout, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks & Personal checks (Allow up to 14 business days.) Best way for a smooth transaction follow payment instructions below.

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