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Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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Welcome to SherMari

I have been selling online since 2001.  I was just divorced and was looking for something to do in my now free time.  I went to an online auction site  one day just to check it out and decided it looked like a great idea to me.  I retired in 2008 and have been selling on as many sites as possible ever since.  This is now my full time job from 6am to 10pm (gotta sleep sometime)

Do not hesitate to make an offer on any of the items in my stores.

 Doesn’t everyone love the rich sparkle and fire of a diamond ring?  I know I do!  But if you’re like me, your budget won’t stretch to accommodate very many diamond rings.  What to do?  Buy CZ ring that’s what!   

   Cubic zirconia is a man-made stone created in a lab setting out of zirconium dioxide, a natural mineral found in abundance.  The manufacturing process is done under strict guidelines and so the stones will never have any of the natural inclusions that diamonds have.  This means that all quality cz will be absolutely gorgeous!  Even a jeweler will not be able to tell the difference between a cubic zirconia engagement ring and a diamond engagement ring until they take a look at it with a loupe (that’s the little magnifier jewelers use to look at stones up close).  The lack of inclusions will be the way they can tell it’s a cubic zirconia stone.

We do NOT sell cheap or dime store jewelry.  All our rings have a lifetime warranty, if for any reason, at any time, a defect develops including tarnishing, you can return the ring for a free replacement!


BaulAnimadoByPAtriciad3120designswa.gif image by patricia_123_2008

Payment is appreciated and expected within 3 days of purchase.   I do combine shipping, just let me know if you are bidding on or purchasing additional items.

Shipping and terms of sale

BaulAnimadoByPAtriciad3120designswa.gif image by patricia_123_2008

We ship all orders promptly using USPS First Class. International orders ship USPS small flat rate box

If your item does not match the description or the picture, please contact me.  My goal is to maintain complete customer satisfaction and I will do all in my power to make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

  Forgive Your Enemies, It Messes With Their Minds
 Serving the World from Phoenix, Arizona