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Norway, Maine, United States

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No, I am not a dog, but this is my best buddy, " Rex " and he is much better looking than I am. I am new to E-bid in so much as I have never tryed listing here until now. For years I have been a Power Seller with Ebay, with over 11,000 postive feedbacks, which I will transport here when I figure out how to do that. I sell a little of everthing on Ebay, but think I will try to gain a following here by just doing sports cards for now. I am getting away from Ebay because they are getting away from me. It used to be an equil playing field years ago, but now only the large stores, and multi item sellers are being promoted over us little guys. Also, their fees just keep going up and up, to the point I found myself just working to pay them their fees, and was left with little to no profits after that. They also keep adding new rules, which make it near impossable to funtion under. Bigger is not alway better.  I am a sports card collector myself, and have bought and sold same since getting hooked in 1989. I am retired, and do this for a hobby and to keep busy. Any profits I gain, as a rule, go to add to my own collection. Try to be fair in my prices asked, and when stating a grade, I am going by what Beckett uses as a standard for grades. Still I am not a professional grader, so I am comming as close as I can with my subjective grade. E -bid seems alot more user friendly than most sites I have looked at.  Also,I do give combined shipping at a discounted rate. It is 20 cents more per card after the first one purchased. Free shipping is given for purchases of 10 or more cards. Hope this helps, and I can fit in with the  E-bid family of sellers.