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Garbage - Milk 4 Track CD (Mushroom, 1996)
Mariah Carey - Daydream CD (Columbia, 1995)

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Stourbridge, West Midlands, United Kingdom

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Hi everyone and welcome to Robin's CDs! I have been selling on other e-commerce sites for a number of years and I am pleased to say that I have 100% feedback scores on each of them. I heard about eBid, had a look around and thought what a great place it would be to do business. So...I decided to give it a go!! Please look around my store - hopefully you will find what you are looking for, at a price you will like. I always describe the condition of each CD accurately to avoid any possible disappointment on receipt. CD's are despatched in a new jiffy bag to help avoid any damage in transit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Happy browsing - and, hopefully - bidding!!