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Location West Boutiful, Utah, United States

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Member Since 06 Jan 2018

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This is a family endevor.  Jo loves curating forgotten treasures that that still have life and finding them a home before they are condememd to landfill. Jerry loves Jo so he helps her.  It is a self perpetuating hobby.  You know something you because you love it even if it doesn't make a profit...  We hope you love what we discover and might be interested in owning or gifting some of our finds.  We will even gift wrap and add a card upon request. 

Our website is https://www.resurrectionhardware.com/, we have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/byjoifoundit/.  We live in Bountiful, Utah.

Our local group auction page on Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/groups/localebid/ Feel free to come join us if you live close by.

Part of our goal with using Ebid is to do auctions- because they are fun.  We have an eBay account but wanted a little more flexibility, it sounds like Ebid holds promise.  Additionally we want to focus locally because shipping is so darn expensive- buyers don't like to pay it any more than we like to charge for it... but we can't drive across country any cheaper... go figure right?  It can be frustrating when shipping costs more than the treasure you just purchased.  It happens.

We usually meet up at a local Mc Donald's in Bountiful or Centerville for our free local pick up option.  This is both safe and convenient.

There are a few reasons we prefer local sales. First is we don't take returns.  We go out of our way to provide a good picture capturing any concerns.  It is nice to have a customer see the item in person before they pay for it.  Also local purchases eliminate any chance of damage during shipping. 

That being said we do ship and do a darn good job securely packaging items for safe delivery.  We add a $2 handling fee to cover boxes, bubbles and other materials which secure your purchase for safe delivery.  However shipping costs are buyers responsibility.

Returns Policy

Returns Accepted

Customers are welcome to return an item for a refund on the item cost once return item is received. However we find shipping is often more than the cost of the item. Shipping cost is not refunded.