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Some Information About FBNeNotes

Giving you an little more insight into the seller.
Combined Shipping to THE USA only $2.75 for Paper Money.

For Countries-Notes that do not show PayPal as a paying option, Payment is to be sent via Money Order, Personal Check.. within 2 Days of purchase.
USA cash(no coins) sent at the senders risk.(not recommended)
Personal Checks must clear Banks before purchases are mailed.
Do Not pay for individual wins individually.
Electronic Payments can not be used on certain Countries-specified item/s.
There are Six(6) Countries that used and some still do, an old custom of stapling and/or Spindle hole/s..of Notes, for Bank accounting purposes (These Notes are printed, go to the banks) and almost immediately you have one(1) or two(2)holes in the Note..so most likely 95% of the time..these Notes can only be found with the hole/s. These Notes are offered on Price Lists as uSH-UNC ..the u meaning usual,the S meaning Staple, the H meaning Hole, usual staple hole UNC, and naturally without any problems that would lower the Grade..to say uSH-AU etc.
"Only Notes from these six(6) countries should the uSH be used for: Bangladesh,Bhutan,Burma-Myanmar,India,Nepal and Pakistan." There are a few exclusions of Note issues to the above.
India discontinued staple holes in 1998.
REplacement Notes

When an imperfect- damanged note is detected during the manufacturing process after the serial number has been overprinted, it must be replaced with a new note. A replacement note is used to replace the imperfect note. The prefix is usually replaced with a special prefix, such as an asterisk, star, letter or a similar device. These are naturally scarcer than the regular note and usually command a premium from 2 to 6 times, you may also see replacement notes(non- usa) selling for 10 times over the price for the regular note. It all depends on the Country the note is from, the availability and naturally the demand.
USA Shipping rates for Paper Money are as follows,

There is Only one shipping charge per shipment no matter how many banknotes you buy (combined shipping indeed.)
USA buyers pay $2.75 for First Class mailing . USA Registered mail is available for an additional $13.00(approx.)
USA Priority mail is available for an additional $4.00(approx.) .
Paper Money to The USA.. there is Only one shipping charge per shipment no matter how many banknotes you buy (combined shipping indeed.) Thank you.
Cards... USA Shipping

$2.95 for up to 6 cards and $4.00 for 7 or more, but if you Buy over $39.99 of single cards(not sets) on the Same Day then Shipping is FREE to USA. Ask-Wait for invoice. Thank you.

Returns Policy

Returns Accepted

Returns accepted(carefully packed) within 14 Days of my mailing, buyer pays return postage.

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