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Some Information About Cancelcollector

Giving you an little more insight into the seller.

A few bits about me:

I was born in Denmark some 55 years ago, and now call the small seaside hamlet of Port Townsend, WA, USA my home.

I have been a stamp collector since age six, and have slowly accumulated a huge pile of "stuff," much of which no longer fits with my collecting interests. My purpose in keeping "stamp shops" here on eBid is to sell off some of my duplicates, as well as material that I simply no longer have an interest in.

What you might find here ranges from very "general" stamps to highly specialized material, with prices from a few cents to hundreds of dollars (or a few pence to hundreds of Pounds, as the case might be). Hopefully you'll be able to find something that interests you and can be come a part of YOUR collection!

New to eBid? Visiting here for the first time?

If you've never heard of eBid till just now, it's actually a pretty cool place. The site has been around almost as long as eBay and I think it offers an excellent place for stamp collectors to offer their extra material, at a much lower cost-- which is handy for all those stamps costing between 50 cents and a few dollars, which many of us need. Anyway, before you can buy anything from any of my stamp shops, you will need to register as an eBid member. This is a simple and easy process that takes only a few minutes. Use this handy link to sign up to be an eBid member! (It will open a new browser window/tab, so you won't be directed away from this page and lose your place)

ABOUT my sales-- and some personal thoughts about collecting stamps:

Maybe I am a "snob" or a "purist," but one of the things I place a high value on is nice quality in the stamps I collect. As a prospective buyer, you can expect this to be reflected in the stamps I offer for sale, as well as how I do my listings. I really do NOT like torn, defective, thinned, heavily postmarked stamps with short perfs and round corners... and for low value stamps do NOT consider them collectible at all. For high value stamps, we naturally can't all afford top quality, so I'm less picky there.

As you browse my listings here, you'll discover that I do NOT use eBid as a venue to "dump my cheap damaged stamps." Nor do I use the site to solely list a bunch of minimum value duplicates. Last-- but certainly not least-- ALL my listings on eBid are unique and original, not just a "reload" of things I have for sale elsewhere, deposited here in a "dump and run" fashion. 

I believe in describing stamps accurately, as they are. I have seen too many stamps described (by dealers and collectors alike) as "sound," when they are NOT. A stamp with a thin, two missing perfs and a round corner is NOT "sound..." on this planet, or on any other I inhabit! I find the grading of stamp quality in the US (especially) to be misleading, as the term "VF" (for Very Fine) ONLY refers to the centering of the stamp, and not its overall condition. In my book, there is nothing "very fine" about a well-centered stamp with multiple faults! 

I believe in listings with a picture that actually SHOWS what you're about to buy. That means a CLEAR scan, and LARGE ENOUGH that you can see what the stamp looks like. I find this especially important in the case of "specialist" material, where being able to see some small detail is important. I also believe in actual descriptions of stamps, especially once you get into spending $1.00 or more per stamp.

"See scan for details" is-- in my opinion-- NOT a "description."

What I generally sell:

Danish Stamps, Specialized-- I originally started an eBid shop for Danish stamps, which is my first and largest area of interest and what started me on collecting in 1966. Listings include lots of older, with varieties, postmarks, covers and more. You'll find my Danish stamps in the "Stamps from Denmark" store. Listings are done according to the Danish AFA Specialized catalogue, with a cross-reference by the US Scott catalogue for most listings. The store is spilt into multiple levels of categories to allow easier access to exactly what you're looking for.

Swedish Stamps, Specialized-- I keep an eBid shop for Swedish stamps, reflecting my other primary specialist area of interest since 1981. Here you will find a LOT of "classic" (e.g. pre-1920) stamps, with a focus on varieties, colors, printings, watermarks and town cancels. You'll find all my Swedish stamps in the "Swedish Stamp Specialist" store; all listings based on the Swedish Facit specialized catalogue (with a cross reference number to Scott), but each stamp has enough information in the description that you can easily identify it, no matter which reference you use. I use the Facit Postal catalogue as a reference for Swedish cancels, which are a major collecting area among Swedish philatelists. The store is also spilt into multiple levels of categories for easy sorting, and includes a "luxury cancels" for many time periods.

Swiss Stamps, Specialized-- When I was a child, we would often take winter holidays in Switzerland, and I became very interested in the attractive nature motifs on the 1960s Pro Juventute stamps. Subsequently, this grew into my 3rd "serious" collection. You'll find my duplicate Swiss stamps in the "Helvetia Swiss Stamp Emporium" store. All listings are based on the Swiss Zumstein Catalogues (with numbers cross-referenced to Scott and Michel), but each stamp is well identified no matter which reference you use. There are many subcategories within the shop, and I focus on varieties, papers and even "luxury postmarks."

Australia and New Zealand Stamps-- I started collecting Australian stamps as a child because my Godmother was from Australia. Later, I also got interested in the stamps of New Zealand, along the way. The "Australia & New Zealand Stamps Store" offers a specialized selection of stamps from "Oceania," mostly listed by Stanley Gibbons, but also by the Australian ACSC catalogue. I try to cross reference all with the Scott catalogue, for the benefit of US based collectors.

Worldwide Stamps-- My fifth eBid shop is called the "Global Stamp Shop" and is-- as the name suggests-- for general worldwide stamps. Why have such a thing? Well, I figured I needed a place to put those items that do NOT fit in my specialty stores. You might find a FEW "general worldwide" stamps here, but mostly the stamps from my other areas of interest: Bermuda, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, France, GB, US and a few others. I also have a large accumulation of British Commonwealth I am breaking up.

About shipping and combined shipments:

Yes, I DO offer combined shipping, when you buy/win multiple items at the same time. And yes, you can combine shipments from my different "stores;" the stores are just a way to categorize the stamps so they are easier to look at.

Here's how that works: Regardless of WHERE you live, there is a "base fee" to make a shipment to you. At the moment (Dercember 2015), that fee is $0.75 to the USA and $1.75 to the rest of the world (a few countries excepted-- to which I will ship via REGISTERED MAIL ONLY!). Then the additional shipping charge for every additional item in your order is just $0.10... although I'll often give a further discount to those who but a LOT of stamps.

Some people want to "discuss" this with me, pointing out that you can ship 50 stamps for the price of one first class envelope. They will also say that they "don't need glassines or stock cards," but then demand a refund because the stamps "were damaged in shipment."

A couple of points: First-- I am NOT going to just toss a bunch of good stamps loosely into an envelope and "hope" they make it to you-- the buyer-- in one piece. Second-- glassines and "102" cards are not free; the 10 cents simply reflect my cost of materials, and the cost of adding a "weight class" to the postage every 10-12 lots, or so. Unlike many (inexpensive) stamp traders, I am not here to "make money on postage." Honestly? If you are that concerned about saving a few pennies on postage, I may not be the right seller for you...

Payment, return and refund policies, and such things...

I accept the following forms of payment:

  • PayPal (preferred). It's easy, and pretty much worldwide.
  • Google Checkout
  • Skrill (formerly MoneyBookers)
  • Money Orders in USD DOLLARS ONLY! 
  • For USA buyers ONLY: Personal checks (subject to a few days "hold" pending bank clearance) are welcome.
  • Cash (bank notes): Sent ENTIRELY at your own risk! You may send me CASH in the mail, in the following currencies: US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Danish Kroner or Swedish Kronor. Bills only, NO COINS, please! If your payment is a little over, I will return mint stamps at face value as "change." Please use the Google currency converter to figure the exact amount.

Legal "fine print" stuff:

Every country has its own "legalese" regarding Internet sales. I am based in the USA, and my policies are governed by USA laws.

My return/refund policy is simple. Any stamp may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price within 7 days of receipt. Your original postage cost will either be refunded in full (for single item purchases), or you will be refunded a prorated amount, if you purchased multiple lots (e.g. if you paid $3.00 shipping for 5 items and return ONE, your shipping refund will be $3.00/5 = $0.60).

Single stamps that are part of a set, lot or collection may NOT be returned; the entire set, lot or collection must be returned intact. IN ALL CASES, lots or collections of 20 or more stamps are considered "collections" and are sold "as is" and are not returnable for ANY reason. IN ALL CASES, the return shipping cost will be borne by the purchaser.

No, I do not have "tracking numbers." Why? Because very few people are willing to pay the $3.00+ it costs for a secure trackable service, in order to get a $5.00 order. I sure wouldn't. However, if you spend several hundred dollars, I will use a trackable service for safety, but please keep in mind this means the package will come with a "postal imprint" and NOT franked with stamps!