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Comfort, Texas, United States

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I have been in business since 1988 and I have been on-line since 1997.
I started making craft kits and doing craft shows. I got tired of that, and then opened a
sewing/seamstress/crafts shop at our local theater.
It was a co-op shop with 3 other crafters selling their wares.
As it turned out, I was doing most of the work and making most of the sales
and also paying all the expenses, so when the internet came along, I jumped on it.
The rest is history. I have 10,000 craft items and 20,000 books online now with
many thousands of items yet to get on the internet- hope to live long enough to get it all done.
I hope to be able to fill your order promptly and that you will be pleased with your purchase.
Thanks, Marty Griesbach

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