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Beautiful Blue Art Glass Centerpiece
Ceramic Leaf Condiment Server Dish

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Dickson, Tennessee, United States

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Some Information About BSRsBizarreBazaar

Giving you an little more insight into the seller.
My items are only worth what people will pay for them

ALL prices listed are what I would like to sell them for, my suggested retail if you will,but I am open to all offers.

Make a bid you might be surprised at what I will take for an item
I want to sell it as much as you want to buy it!!!

Hey there thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

I am a part time seller who enjoys going to estate sales and neighborhood swap meets a little too much. My family and I are terrible at getting rid of things. It seems everything in this house has some kind of sentimental attachment. However, I have been elected by the family to sell SOME of our things to lighten the load around here. Do not get me wrong we are not a bunch of hoarders with mummified cats crushed underneath piles of junk and old pizza boxes. We just have run out of shelf space and counter tops to put stuff on. I have been selling part time for a while on different sites and thought I would try this one for a change.

I buy stuff online all the time and if there is one thing I cannot stand is receiving a broken item. It is just a nightmare to contact the seller and waiting for a response. If that is not enough you usually have to wait on the Post Office to payout, or deal with automated machine answering systems and phone operators of who barely understand English.
If the item I am selling is fragile I usually make sure it is wrapped carefully, double boxed. I try to wrap it well enough to (at the very least) survive a fall from a second floor window. Then and only then am I satisfied and trust my packages to the care of the United States Postal System.

I try to respond to all emails, questions, concerns quickly. I will try my best to make sure you never have to deal with the drama of a broken item and if for some reason it does happen I will make sure everything is insured and the experience is as painless and quick as possible to get you a full refund.

I know you are all experts in shipping costs but all my measurements and weights are based on the final weight and measurements taken at the time the listing was made. I am not trying to make a few extra dollars on the back end by overcharging for shipping.

PLEASE to save time and effort you need to understand that FREE SHIPPING is not free for me.
When making an offer please take that into consideration and be sure to include a zip code of where you want the item sent to so I can get a better idea of how much less I can take for an item

All the stuff I sell is well cared for and should have a lot of enjoyment left in it. The clothes I sell are single owner, closet kept and cleaned by a professional. I try to list and take photos of any flaws I find.

I try to look at each item and list the things that might prevent me from buying it if I saw it on a shelf.

If you need more photos or more information about anything I have listed just drop me a line.

Enjoy your search and good luck!!!