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Welcome to our All About Us Page!  We have expanded ladies and gentlemen!  We are not only CJ and Sonz formally AWINC but we are now offering a collection of  all things baby and crafts lovingly hand crafted!  We are offering a wide array of jewelry and gems all guaranteed as described.  Our distributor is #1 in the Market and used by large jewelry retailers that you have probably purchased from in the past.  What that means to you is you can trust that what you order is what you get. We believe in providing quality products at affordable prices that remain one of the lowest in the retail market.  We have enjoyed offering our services since 1999 and consider our clients as extended family.  Jewelry and gems are not a necessity but when you want to treat yourself or send a gift that lasts a lifetime it sure makes the difference when you do not have to break the bank.  Enjoying small indulgences is a reward everyone deserves.  We are a USA based company located in Texas.We are now a direct distributor for Stream airbrush make up and products!  Iam a personal user and absolutely want to pass on this great new way of makeup use and money making opportunity to anyone wanting a change.  Look fabulous everyday and have fun working a business you believe in.  With the way this ground floor opportunity is set up you need not spend thousands on inventory.  You can start out using your own system and makeup kit until you get a few folks signed up under you.  We are growing and in a BILLION dollar industry the money making potential  is overwhelming!  In this economy people are buying more necessities than luxuries but one thing that stays constant is the use of makeup.  Enjoy constant support from your sponsor, phone support, education opportunities, email support, and online help center.  For $50 you get your distributor starter kit and your own website to get you going right away and discounts on personal use products and earn up to 40% commission plus bonuses.  My distributor number will be needed for me to become your personal sponsor #1053.   YOU have nothing to lose and an opportunity knocking, will you answer?  It does not matter what state you are from as I am happy to have you on my team!!! For more info or to take your next step simply email us  

We are a Family First Business!  Our family Motto: All we Can!!



I did not create this business to get rich, but to enable those I love to have a better life.  The most important reason for our business is my family, one day however big or small we are, my children will have this business to help them and let them choose their career path instead of being chained down to something just to get by. C. Martinez CEO/Pres.