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Dionne Warwick: The Love Songs (16 Track LP)
Glamour Gold: (12 Track Cd) New and Sealed
Classic Recipes by Joanna Percival (Hardback)

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Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex, United Kingdom

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The items I have for sale are mostly items I have bought for personal reasons and now I want to pass them them on to you.  There are a few items which I have inherited from a business venture which I have now closed, these items are usually NEW!.

I have now defected from EBAY after many years of loyal service under the trading name of (123wenden).  I have, at present a rating of 100% although some of my customers have recently given me some non 100% rating on dispatch time ( after 12 months) , I presume they have been on another planet....we've just had a postal disruption!!

So, why have I joined EBID in favour of EBAY?...  As ebay have decided to work in favour of the buyer instead of the seller in relation to charges! particular for sellers selling second-hand-items!  That may sound harsh for buyers, yet if a seller has to increase his prices to cover postage, packing, ebay %, pay pal% etc etc etc then a buyer will not be interested. So, here on EBID I can make a few pennies instead of loosing money on EBay!

MY COSTS TO YOU:  I am not attempting to rip you off.  I am charging approx 40p per item on packaging.....this is to cover the following.....transport to my local post office, packaging (variable),  bubble rap,  labels, printing inks and parcel tape etc.  As I am new to EBID, I am not certain on how to bundle multi-buys, I will therefore wait and see how to arrange this.  Basically, I will bundle multi-buys and reduce the postage costs.

DISPATCH TIMES:  All items are dispatched within 10 working days upon completion of payment (excluding my holiday times)