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Horse Racing RACING TO WIN by STATISTICIAN pb 1987

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Don't waste your money - best sensibly


Most people who bet will certainly lose in the long run.  The reason is simple. Unlike the bookmaker who bets along methodical, businesslike lines, the average punter stakes haphazardly according to fancy.  This is usually fatal and plays right into the bookmakers hands.  If, on the other hand, you are prepared to follow systems based on established patterns of form and statistics, you give yourself a chance of winning.

No system can pick a winner every time and even the best methods are unlikely to yield more than a marginal gain on outlay but that is still a lot better than losing.  Methodical betting along systematic lines, although it cannot guarantee success, offers a real prospect of a winning balance.


Published by Granada Publishing 1987

Paperback, 80 pages - Good condition. There are some pencil marks which can easily be removed.



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