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Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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By age 9 years, thoughts running in my head, I've something to offer the fashion industry or owed the fashion industry something unique, that i must fulfill, due to my natural born suave and style. I grew up with very fashionable trendy parents who instilled fashion and style in me. 

Before graduating to become a Certified Personal Master Stylist in late 2016, I was already selling fashion and fashionable accessories, thus that platform awarding me a Top Rated Seller, Best Customer Service, Fastest Shipping Rate Status not only in Australia but Globally, to date, I still maintain a luxury positive feedback selling various different fashionable and trendy items. I have since then embarked further down this unending style abd fashion road journey.

My prime focus and attention here will be to bring customers the best above the rest. I will strive to make sure my customers appear colorful, stylish and trendy. I am confident about every item I sell, bringing you all sides, angles and shapes of some items in most single main photo. The items I sell are extraordinary, unique and have “attitudes” you get noticed easily to stand out. My items have no traces of mass production. 

I am not only selling to you, you get a bonus to experience my Style Expertise. I also specialize in Color Analysis, Image Consulting, Wardrobe Edits/Audits, Personal Shopping, Bra and Shoe Styles Consultations. Please join my fashion journey to celebrate trend and fashion madness. Ask your favorite challenging fashion questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, let me redefine your style and become the new you.

You will find most of my amazing posts on instagram with same business name "newnpreloveditems"  I will always speak a fashion and style language, I will break it down and make sure I work hard in remaining and maintaining a Top Rated Seller, Best Customer Service and Fast Shipping in Australia and beyond.

Enjoy one of my many quotes "you maybe good at buying all the latest clothes, trendy and fashionable items, it will still not guarantee you a great style" from the Style Boss.