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Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Thu 19 Jun 2014 12:43:56 (BST)

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Some details about me

I am one of those you can call computer geeks. I know how to build my own PCs and once in a while there will be used computer parts up for grabs. I am not a gamer but a 3d Artist. My art is shown and sold through several galleries. But as fellow artists well know, the muse is something that comes and goes, besides with my troubled back sitting for hours at my PC isn't possible anymore. I have good and bad days and on the bad days I tend to knit a lot.

Darkness Design is all about Vintage to Modern Knitting Patterns. I have a huge collection of knitting patterns, magazines and books which I am in the process of archiving on a hard disk for myself. It uses up much less space than having folders and bookcases full of patterns. Besides it is much easier for me to find the right pattern for my next projects.
I will sell the originals some are as old as from the 40's up to present day. Some are in pristine condition, some have suffered a little through the ages.

Crazy Knitter is what I am. I am knitting since the age of 7or 8. I love knitting for myself and my wonderful hubby. I also crochet, but not as often. I collect vintage knitting and crochet patterns which got a little out of hand that's why I am selling part of it in my other store. Anyway If I am not sitting at my desk making 3d art, I am knitting and sometimes projects end up here to sell.

2nd Hand is what it says used items from a wide range. Mostly unwanted clothing, shoes and accessories. Occasionally computer spares and other bits and bobs. Books, videos, DVDs, CDs, anything really, that is cluttering up the space in our home.

Every used item I am selling is in a condition I would buy it myself. 

I always try to be as informative and add as many measurements as possible to my listings

Anything missing in the description please do get in touch. I am here to help.

I accept returns, but with limitations. It is not my responsibility if the buyer didn't read the description properly.

Payment option is Paypal only.

I try to keep postage costs a low as possible. I will always combine postage and refund overcharged postage costs.
Most of the items I ship worldwide. Too heavy items UK only, yet please feel free to ask about shipping abroad.

I hope I can build as good a reputation here as I did elsewhere 

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