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UK HMV & MGM early 45s 1953-56+CONQUEST 78/45s & EPs 1956-69+LONDON LPs 1969-80

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Seller's Description

This is the original Record Information Services (RIS) booklet / catalogue (catalog / label listing / discography), No. 6 in the "Record Information" series. It lists the complete (British) HMV 7M & MGM MGM-SP early 45 rpm Singles releases from 1953 to 1956 (complete series for both labels which were separate from the 78 issues). It also includes the 45 rpm HMV 7MC & MGM MGM-SPC Export series - contains many very rare & sought after issues. (HMV, an EMI label, issued a mixture of UK recorded material and records licensed mainly from the USA, including RCA; M-G-M, pressed and distributed by EMI, was the UK outlet for the U.S. label.)

The booklet also includes the complete (British) Conquest label (78/45 rpm Singles, EPs & LPs), 1956-1969. All listed in numerical order (by catalogue number) and includes Artist, Titles, Month & Year of issue, and label of origin (usually American) if appropriate.

Plus Part Six of a complete listing of London (American) LPs, 1969-1980. The exact numerical runs are:

HMV 7M 100 to 7M 426 (45 rpm Singles, 1953 to 1956)
HMV 7MC 1 to 7MC 51 (45 rpm Export Singles, 1954 to 1956)
M-G-M MGM-SP 1001 to MGM-SP 1181 (45 rpm Singles, 1953 to 1956)
M-G-M MGM-SPC 1 to MGM-SPC 9 (45 rpm Export Singles, 1954 to 1955)
Conquest CP 101 to CP 118 (10" 78 rpm series, 1956 to 1959)
Conquest CXT 1 & 2 (45 rpm Singles, 1969)
Conquest CE / CL 1001 to CL 1023 (combined 7" EP & 10" / 12" LP series, 1957 to 1959)
World Record Club "Tops In Pops" R series EPs & LPs
London (American) HA- / SH- 8373 to 8546
(Mono/Stereo 12" LPs, 1969 to 1980)
London ZG- / LG- 101 to 142 (Mono/Stereo 12" LPs, 1970 to 1978)
London HM- / HS- 5001 to 5070 (Mono/Stereo 12" LPs, 1974 to 1980)
London DLL- 5001 to 5004 (Stereo 12" Double LPs, 1975)
London DREAM 1 to 6 (Mono 12" LPs, 1975-1976)
London DHM- / DHS- 1 to 4 (Mono/Stereo 12" LPs, 1978-1979)
London miscellaneous LP issues on shared Decca labels ("World Of", "Focus On", etc.)

A very thorough work, complete with full label histories & other interesting information. Approximately A5 size (14.8 x 21 cm, 5¾ x 8¼ inches) card cover booklet, 48 pages, published in 1986. This item is original 1986 stock. Other catalogues (catalogs / label listings / discographies) are available and will normally be listed on eBid - see for full details.

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