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Rail (Enthusiast) Magazine - No.256 Jul 1995

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Rail (Enthusiast) July 1995. Issue No.256

- Front Cover:  By courtesy of National Power and General Motors, this issue of RAIL brings the first photos of NP's five additional Class 59/2s under construction and on trial in North America. Our picture shows No.59202 coming in from test. There is a full spread of colour photographs on pages 4 and 5.

- News:  General Motors locos take shape for National Power; Eurostar in seven-hour delay; BR bows to public pressure and keeps Fort William sleeper running - until at least September; Eurotunnel cleared to start coach Shuttles; Scrap dealer to preserve green Class 26; RfD gives up locomotives to Freightliner; European funding for Great Western Main Line; Freight wagons - and a locomotive - on display at Hillhead Quarry; All-over advertising on London Underground train; Northamptonshire County Council issues rail strategy; Class 47 addition to Res' charter fleet.

- Freight Review:  Coal trains serving power stations have returned to several mining locations in Nottinghamshire. John Millar brings the latest news and pictures.

- Railway Jigsaw:  Gavin Morrison needs to go not much further than his own doorstep to present a riveting selection of photographs from around Tinsley Yard.

- Channel Tunnel News:  The latest on Eurostar Link services from South Wales and Edinburgh/East Coast stations to Waterloo International, and a look at the increasing freight Shuttle activity, are brought by Barrie Hughes.

- Around the Regions:  Railway news from all corners of Britain from Howard Johnston, including a sleep-in at Dingwall and plans for a rail and bus interchange at Exeter.

- A Thumping Good Trip:  Some of the erstwhile Southern DEMUs - affectionately known as 'Thumpers' - have been given a new lease of life with The South Eastern Train Company. Peter Kelly samples one of these units on the new Brighton-Ashford service.

- Mainline Points:  Join in RAIL's coupon collection scheme, run in conjunction with our sister magazines Steam Railway and Steam World.

- Railtour Preview:  Railtours to travel on, photograph or just watch - Howard Johnston has details of those that will be operating between July 21 and August 26.

- Letters:  Value of Rail Rover tickets questioned; Call to stop tarring enthusiasts with the same brush; Is the AA hiding something? These are just a selection of your views in this issue. Q&A gives the reason for red blinds on the rear of Great Northern Class313 units.

- Preservation News:  Harry Needle defends dismantling a Class 11 shunter;  Class 31 for Colne Valley; SVR installs kitchen in a DMU! Mid-Hants lifts Aureol ban. All these and many more preservation stories from Howard Johnston.

- Nine-day Marathon:  The East Lancs Railway's recent 9-day diesel gala is recorded in the best pictures from RAIL's loyal band of photographers. Our preservation expert Howard Johnston tells the story.

- Mossend's Future:  Max Fowler takes a look at today's freight operations through Glasgow's Mossend Yard, the scene of many changes over the last few years.

- Traction News:  The latest traction news, along with the best pictures, are supplemented by our regular features on Ireland, Namings, Loco Level 5, Stock Changes and Stock for Sale coverage.

- Rolling Stock News:  The latest news on Multiple Units and Carriages, along with Works Report, is provided by David Russell; Bob Wallace brings details of some interesting wagon conversions in his Wagons column, and in Track Maintenance and Engineering, Roger Butcher gives a profile of Permaquip Finance Ltd.

- RAILFile News:  North Norfolk Railway has Cromer in its sights; West Anglia Great Northern driver training starts on 'Networker Express'.

- Outlook:  Fort William sleeper saga - why not give the passenger the service they want?

- Urban Railways:  Barrie Hughes sees how Strathclyde PTE, coping with reorganisation and uncertainty over funding, is still coming up with new ideas to promote the largest urban rail network outside London.

- What Next for Wirral?  Merseyside PTE, another pro-rail body, looks at ways to expand its third rail electrified system.

- ConstructionRAILFile investigates the fundraising difficulties being experienced in meeting the £3bn cost of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

- Industry:  Murray Brown concludes his review of RFS(E), describing the wide range of work undertaken at the Doncaster site.


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