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SET OF 2x38cm Bar Stool Floor Protector, Rubber Plastic Ring, Gasket, Base Guard
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SET OF 2x38cm Bar Stool Floor Protector, Rubber Plastic Ring, Gasket, Base Guard
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SET OF 2x38cm Bar Stool Floor Protector, Rubber Plastic Ring, Gasket, Base Guard
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SET OF 2x38cm Bar Stool Floor Protector, Rubber Plastic Ring, Gasket, Base Guard

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To Fit 38cm Bases

This listing is for Two 38cm Floor Protectors to fit a base with a 38cm outer diameter and a 36cm inner diameter.







Please Ensure You Measure Your Base Accurately With a Tape Measure Before Ordering.

A Floor Protector That Is Too Small Or Large By 5mm Will Not Fit.




We currently stock sizes suitable for 380mm, 385mm, 390mm, 400mm, 410mm, 415mm, 420mm, 430mm, 440mm, 445mm, 450mm, and 500mm outer base diameters, If you can not find the size you need or need a different size please contact us.

To select the appropriate size please carefully measure your base with a tape measure from its outside edges at its widest point to find its diameter, then also measure the gap between the inside edges at the widest point. Please use a tape measure rather than a ruler to ensure your measurements are accurate. If you are unsure of what size you need please contact us!



If you base is a different size please see the table below:

For a 38cm outer diameter & 36cm gap you will need a 38cm floor protector.

For a 38.5cm outer diameter & 36.5cm gap you will need a 38.5cm floor protector.

For a 40cm outer diameter & 38cm gap you will need a  40cm floor protector.

For a 41cm outer diameter & 39cm gap you will need a 41cm floor protector.

For a 41.5cm outer diameter & 39.5cm gap you will need a 41.5cm floor protector.

For a 42cm outer diameter & 40cm gap you will need a  42cm floor protector.

For a 44cm outer diameter & 42cm gap you will need a 44cm floor protector.

For a 44.5cm outer diameter & 42.5cm gap you will need a 44.5cm floor protector.

For a 45cm outer diameter & 43cm gap you will need a 45cm floor protector.

For a 50cm outer diameter & 48cm gap you will need a  50cm floor protector.



Orders will be dispatched on the following business day. The majority of deliveries will arrive 2 days from the day of dispatch however in some instances may take up to 5 days. International Orders are normally delivered within 10 days however may take up to 30 days .




Just as you should replace your toothbrush, your car tyres, and a variety of other household items as they wear down and become less effective, you should also replace the floor protector on your bar stools and chair bases.


This simple ring made of clean white plastic is essential in protecting your floor from (the often rough edges of) the metal base.

It also also acts to reduce the stool moving and skidding on smooth floor surfaces.


These protectors are designed to clip onto the internal lip of the edge of a hollow domed base, they require no adhesive.

(If you are unsure if they can be used with your stools/chairs send us a photo of the underside of the base and we can advise)






Q) Can I use these white floor protectors to replace the old black plastic ones?

A) Yes. The rings we sell can be used to replace existing black floor protectors, and should last longer too as the white ones we sell are tougher and harder wearing.


Q) How many different sizes of base are there? How do I know I'm buying the right size?

A) The vast majority of bar stool, chair, and table bases have a diameters between 38cm and 50cm with increments of 5mm between sizes. You can check your size by measuring the outer diameter of the base by using a tape measure to measure the base from side to side at the widest point, you can also check that the lip on the base is 1cm and measure the internal diameter to ensure the sizing corresponds to the chart earlier in the listing. 


Q) I found that the old floor protectors used to unclip now and then when I moved the stool and I would have to put them back on. Will that happen with these rings?

A)If you found your old rings were unclipping, then these may do too. We have found that if the rings unclip it is usually because the stool has been manoeuvred without lifting it. If you encounter this problem the rings can be held into the base with the application of a glue or adhesive.


Q) Why did my old floor protectors break up?

A) There are a number of factors that will effect the life of the floor protector, these include; Sunlight, moisture, detergent, age, degree of use, under floor heating, dragging the stool to move it, inferior material used in manufacture etc.


Q) Can you guarantee these rings will protect my floor? Are they hard or soft?

A)The floor protectors we sell are fitted at manufacture to many bar stools sold by high-street and internet retailers across the UK.  They are made of a relatively hard plastic (so as to be hard wearing and not need replacing as regularly). We can confidently say they will provide good protection to the majority of floor surfaces. However we can offer no guarantee that these rings will protect all floor types. It is your responsibility to check suitability prior to purchase/use.



If you have any queries or problems please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will respond to all queries within 24 Hours (Usually quicker!).


If you need a size we do not currently stock please contact us as we can get custom sizes made!



This product is designed to offer protection to most flooring from the metal base of the stool however we cannot guarantee this products suitability for all flooring types. It is your responsibility to asses the products suitability for your floor, contacting the flooring supplier or installer if you are unsure.

Karndean/Amtico flooring is known to permanently discolour if in contact with rubber, synthetic rubber, and some plastics. For this reason we cannot recommend and do not endorse the use of our floor protectors with these types of flooring

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