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Thread: Exporting data to spreadsheet for editing

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    Default Re: Exporting data to spreadsheet for editing

    Quote Originally Posted by spikesbooks23 View Post
    That could be it! I'll give it a go later. Thing is I uploaded a spreadsheet with all my listings on and it worked. Exported it, did some editing, uploaded again and it rejected most of it. The only editing I did was pricing.
    Instead of using subcategories I lump them in "Other".
    Thanks for the reply.
    I work with spreadsheets all the time on Ebid, over 30000 listings controlled this way. If I could see the spreadsheet you are trying to reload I might be able to see the problem.
    Bill Hopkinson,


    39000 stamps listed, based in London

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    Default Re: Exporting data to spreadsheet for editing

    I think I've got it.
    Thank you Astral and Bill

    Perhaps I'll use smaller spreadsheets in future.
    Last edited by spikesbooks23; 4th December 2017 at 04:39 PM. Reason: additional info
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