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Thread: Cumbersome Web Site

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    Default Re: Cumbersome Web Site

    Quote Originally Posted by billsstamps View Post
    When I have suggested deleting categories, I have given reasons, and they have now gone.
    I managed that once!

    Five shops raising funds for Cats Protection & Prospect Hospice - all sorts of stuff
    Vintage & Modern Postcards
    BK Stamps for my Philatelic listings
    and Yarnalong for craft patterns and some materials
    not to mention
    Lotzabitz -anything that doesn't belong in one of the other shops.

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    Default Re: Cumbersome Web Site

    Quote Originally Posted by billsstamps View Post

    So, what is the next area where we would like to focus a clear simple fix?

    Hey Bill, don't push your luck!

    Let's just celebrate that, at long last, the category selection system sounds like it's going to be a vast improvement.

    Bill, if you bounce up and down hoping for the next thing, and the next after that, and the... you'll just succeed in disheartening Gazza: "Those bloody users, no sooner have you caved in over one issue, it's not even rolled out yet, and they're screaming at me again; it's a no-win!".

    So let's wait to see how the new idea pans out (maybe it will need some further tweaks, for clearly eBid doesn't have a team of usability testers) and then, when everything's fine and the champagne glasses are smashed, then we can see how to move even further forward.

    I'm cautiously optimistic!
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    Default Re: Cumbersome Web Site

    Quote Originally Posted by johnwash1 View Post
    Hey Bill, don't push your luck!

    Well, we have the same end result, trying to make Ebid a success. I think we are supporting Gazza and the rest of the team in focusing what needs to be done to get the website slick and easy to use.

    Dr Bill Hopkinson, London


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