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Thread: Cocktails!!! and Music

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Sad news indeed - AC/DC are one of my all time favourite bands.
    Old - little Brody is just sooo cute! Ever likely she is your little ray of sunshine.! (Lovely choon) .... and loved the one that followed - INXS Never Tear us Apart.

    Posbear, wow - that Sound of Silence is so powerful - it made the hairs on my arms stand up!
    Hope you are coping with your your Tinnitus, sending you a big hug (((((xxx)))))

    Meebs, you are quite right, we are all definitely getting old!
    I have just waved off the little ones and both JR and I are so glad that they have gone! Whew - how did I cope with three little ones born within 4 years AND keep a pub, working all hours day and night. I'm ready to have a sit down now before I drop.
    I shall now partake of a wee dram to calm the nerves!
    Take care everyone, be happy!
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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    G'day all

    Yep, Brody's a character alright - brings a lot of joy into all our lives. as your families do for you, warts & all. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess.

    Glad you're all enjoying the Oz music!

    Had an absolutely fantastic concert on free to air ABC TV here last night, that I very highly recommend you watch if you get the chance!
    It was a non stop straight 2 hour ad free show by Paul Kelly & band live outdoor at the Sydney Opera House.
    Featured Vika & Linda Bull, backing singers extraordinaire, Dan Kelly (Paul's nephew) on lead guitar, & the rest of his amazing band, who have all been working together for many years. WOW, what a show!
    They did at least 50% of their current ARIA award winning hit album & all the top numbers going back over a 40 year career! An amazing body of work & hits!
    A huge crowd, & the backdrop of Sydney harbour, bridge, opera house & lit city skyline, was total magic. Rain on & off, didn't stop the fans enjoying themselves, & not one person left early.
    The show was simulcast with Sydney FM radio station Triple J.
    There's bound to be podcasts, vids, streaming, & hopefully exports of this, & I hope you all get to see it at some stage. They could take this show on the road to anywhere in the world holus bolus & make a fortune!
    Here's just a taste to be going on with!


    And a drinkies to go on with also!

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    Runcorn, Cheshire, United Kingdom
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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music


    Sounds like a good concert, second video not available here though.

    Trish, I appreciate the hugs, much needed and appreciated
    This year my body has put me through hell, I need a new one!
    During my absence from here in the summer I suffered the worst flare-up of Psoriasis that I have ever had. Visualise the singing detective from the TV series, nuff said.
    I ended up in hospital for 3 nights and home visits by the district nurses at home for a fortnight.

    Right that's enough self pity, life has to go on no matter what crap gets thrown at you.

    So, not much else happening in my world, no visits from family (except for live in the lounge son).
    I get out for a walk each day for excersise, my it was cold on the lungs yesterday, the woodland floor is covered in leaves and squirrels at the moment, the squrrels are busy with their nuts.
    I don't get the squirrels visit me any more, not since their nest was blown away by storm Doris early this year. I can only assume that the family perished.

    I've got over 1000 postcards listed now and 350 stamp/postmark related items, plus beads and jewellery, and had one sale of a postcard so far.
    I also list elsewhere and average 30 postcards a month.
    I did list on a Belgian site but they are having so many website problems that I don't bother any more.

    So, it's time to lie down and shake my head again to move the bits in my ears around.

    I'll leave you with a choon as usual.
    it's hard to believe this song was from 25 years ago!

    Stay safe

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    G'day all

    Hey Pos - you're doing a great job with the listings, way better than me! Now all we need is some sales action!
    All the best with the ears & skin. That tune was 'Petrichor' from Paul Kelly's latest album Life is Fine
    Your Freddie vid doesn't work for me here!

    Bit overcast with 50% chance of rain & coolish afternoon winds - is keeping me rugged up!
    We have a state election this Saturday - so you can imagine all the BS ads on TV ATM - promise the earth, then do nada! the lot of them!

    Speakin' of politics - hope the imminent transition in this joint ends peacefully We're about to see just how many entrenched snouts were in which troughs!


    Name:  bundy-r-bear-515x321.jpg
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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Howdy all! Sorry to be absent for so long, I got a nasty cold! It settled in my chest and I spent a couple of nights where I thought I spent the night coughing. I am on the mend now. I have to go get groceries tomorrow. I should have gone today, but the old Wyoming wind was a howlin',
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    I YDC, Do you?

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    G'day all Good to see you back WYO, hope you're well now.

    OK everyone - just dropping in quickly to add the link to the Paul Kelly show I was on about.
    Super show & very much worth watching right through IMHO
    Hope it works for y'all. - It takes about 30 seconds to start, so don't give up too early! - Enjoy the 2 hour show!


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    Runcorn, Cheshire, United Kingdom
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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Greetings from a windblown Cheshire, must be Wyo sending us some Wyoming wind

    Had a little problem in my kitchen, the drain for the sink became detached and I got a wet kitchen floor and socks when I emptied the sink.
    I can't get to it to fix it, looks like the base unit needs to come out. The housing association are sending a plumber out, on the 30th November!
    I have to use bathroom sink instead. Isn't life exciting!

    More celebrity deaths this week, Rodney Bewes and David cassidy.

    Apart from that it's the same old same old situation, hhmm, that reminds me of an old rockin' choon..

    Stay safe

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