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Thread: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Morning - Ophelia has been and gone and the wind has died down - and we're back to our normal dismal grey morning skies.

    A trip the postbox later as I had 3 sales to Denmark yesterday [sorry Sarge] but already replaced.

    Sunny, good to hear about your blood test results - keep up the good work .

    Have all a good day.

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Sunny so pleased to hear your bloods are heading the right way, you musy be doing something right.

    Nice day out there at present. We have to walk up the road to get our hair cut, & then off to the hospital appointment with N's Dad, there always seems something

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    there always seems something

    Tell me about it. I have received my hospital appointment today. It is tomorrow! Thursday someone is coming (I hope) to sort out our internet. We had a long session on the phone ast week and it seemed to be fine until this morning. It's back to a weak signal or none at all. I hope the hospital visit will tell me more so that I can get the trip to Germany sorted. The plan is we go a week tomorrow. I just hope it'll happen, as I have done a fair bit of shopping over there already (isn't the internet wonderful?)

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Ello troops. Didn't really get hit by the hurricane at all yesterday in fact it turned out to be a nice afternoon once the yellow sky had vanished. Not bad on the parade ground today either so if I have the energy I might get the grass cut this afternoon.

    Right that's your blood sorted Private Moon just your photos to go ! I hope all goes well at the hospital Private Meebo it's annoying that you can't get things sorted for the German outpost.

    Private Mcc2 haven't you got your defenses sorted yet ?
    I think I had better lend you my invisibility cloak it's been working well for me over the last two weeks (sob )

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